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Visual Artist

family21.4.2016 ” Family Stories” Screening in Greenwich Senior House, New York
Work in Progress

Private screening of Anne Siirtola’s “Family Stories”

Kasvuhuone/ Room of Growth

Kasvuhuone/   Room of Growth
Installation with moving picture and sound, 2010

I have darned together worn and patched-up pieces of clothing, full of holes. They form the well-worn walls, or the skin of the work. The materials have been collected from many persons and generations. The wear and tear and patches illustrate the numerous decades the clothes originate from. Each garment has been softened by life.
The events inside the room are reflected on the walls as silhouettes, lighting up the work.


Revitalization of minority languages using the methods of participatory art. The project is going on in different villages in Russian Karelia, Finnish Lappland and Estonia. There is a group of philologists, artists and activists who are working together with local people in different villages.

Elävät kylät-hankkeen tarkoituksena on pienten kielivähemmistöjen kielen ja kulttuurisen identiteetin vahvistaminen yhteisötaiteen ja tieteen keinoin. Hanke suuntautuu vähemmistökielisiin kyliin Suomessa, Venäjällä ja Virossa. Mukana projektissa on taiteilijoita, kielitieteilijöitä ja paikallisia aktivisteja kylistä.

I am a Finland-based artist working with installations and moving images. My focus is on participatory and public art, resulting from interaction and co-working with different communities and people with varying backgrounds. I´m making visible key questions of life, as reflected in different aspirations and thoughts I encounter with participants. My role as an artist is like a mediator or catalyst.

Sometimes even minor participation can be very remarkable for somebody and can give you a sense of inclusion and success.

Materials I´m using in installations are often found, second-hand or thrown-away items.Traces of decay and change – processes that take place in human mind and matter – are present in artwork.
My work has been shown in Finland and internationally in several exhibitions since 1990. Currently I´m living and working in Karkkila in Finland.


2017-2020 Education of Expressive Art Therapy, Eino Roiha Institution

2015 Method Education of Expressive Art Therapy
2004 Bachelor of Master of Arts
1987-1992 The Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017  Life Constructing, Vitrina Biblioteka, Petersburg, RUS

2016 “Red Carpet”, Criticall Mass, Club raduga, Petersburg, RUS
2013 Song of The Hungry Land, New Verses, Muu-gallery, Helsinki
2012 Passage, Song of The Hungry Land, New Verses (Marianne Gronow),Effearte,Milano ITA
2011 ARS 11, Kajaani Art Museum
2010 Lost and Found, Gallery Suomesta, Berlin (Juha Mäki-Jussila, Milja Viita) GER
2010 Room of Growth, Gallery Huuto, Helsinki
2008 How are You? Museum of Cultures, Helsinki, (with Kaisu Paavilainen)
2007 A Flea Market- Not for Sale, Kerava Art Museum, (with Kaisu Paavilainen)
How are You? South Carelian Art Museum, Lappeenranta, (with Kaisu Paavilainen)
Kajaani Art Museum, Kajaani
2005 How are You? Hyvinkää Art Museum (with Kaisu Paavilainen)
2002 Paintings, Artists´Association Gallery, Helsinki
1997 Trust, Kluuvi-gallery, Helsinki
1994 The Tree of Knowledge, Muu-gallery, Helsinki
1993 The Tree, Gallery Titanik, Turku
1991 Tight, Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 Minun Suomeni, Kajaani Art Museum

2017 ITEpäisyys, Kokkola and Joensuu Art Museums
2014 Northern Souls, Gallery SpaceStation Sixty-Five, London, UK
2013 Two New Songs from Finland. Suomesta galleria, Berlin, GER
2013 Carelia, Helsinki Art Hall
2012 Carelia, Joensuu Art Museum
2011 Suluv gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia SRB
2011 Moving Image from Finland, Suomesta Gallery, Berlin GER
2010 The Art and Architecture, Artower Agora, Athens GRE
2010 Tree Pride and the Weddings, Kerava Art Museum
2010 Le petit festival du theatre, Dubrovnik, Croatia CRO
2010 Gallery Sinne, Helsinki
2006 Mänttä Visual Arts Festival
2005 Unselfish Love, Rauma Art Museum
2005 Consciousness, Hyvinkää Art Museum
2003 The Art of Finland, Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum of Art, Japan JAP
2002 The Myth, Helsinki City Art Museum
1998 The Nude and the Masked, Helsinki City Art Museum
1998 Bugs of the Minds, Conferens of the Environmental Esthetics, Ilomantsi
1997 Artworks in Urban Spaces, Helsinki City Art Museum
1997 Feeling The City, MAP-Contemporary Art in Helsinki
1997 Artists in Transformes Buildings, Helsinki
1996 The Silence of the Earth, Väinö Aaltonen Museum, Turku
1996-1997 Call, Artworks in Urban Space, Museum of Contemporary Art of Tampere
Helsinki City Art Museum
1995 Art Attack, Videoshow, Oslo, Norway NOR
1994 Birch and Star, Forumgalleriet, Malmö, Sweden SWE
1993 Group Exhibition, Sortavala, Russia RUS
1992-1993 Stream Project, Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Espoo
1992 The Room of Childhood, Oulu Art Museum
1991 Young Artists´ Exhibition, Art Hall, Helsinki
1990 So What? Museum of Contemporary Art of Tampere

Public Art Works, Projects
2015-2016 Life Book/ Itäkeskus, Helsinki
2015 Life Book/ Matinkylä, Espoo
2014 The Singing Tree of Nightingale, Satakieli Kindergarten, Helsinki
2013 Garden, Kindergarten Aamutuuli in Hyvinkää, with Kaisu Paavilainen
2005 Fragments of Everyday life, Three Works in Arabia Bay, Helsinki
2002 Eternal Light, Stained Glass Work in Puistola Primary School, Helsinki

Mitä Kuuluu/ Kak Dela /How are You? Community Art Project with Kaisu Paavilainen
( Maahenki, 2010)

2016 Recidency Unlimited, New York USA
2013 Ateljee Foundation of Finland, New York USA
2010 The Finnish Institute of Athens, Greece GRE
2010 Gallery Suomesta, Berliini, Germany GER
2008 Sunuker, Dakar, Senegal SEN
2007 The Ålands Archipelago Guest Artists Residence, Kökar, Finland
2000 The Art and Culture Center Kolin Ryynänen, Koli, Finland
1998 Jerisjärvi Artists Residence, Finland

Works in Collections
Kiasma, Museum of Contemporay Art, Helsinki
Finnish State Art Collection
Helsinki City Art Museum
Kajaani Art Museum
Helsinki Polytechnic Union

AV-arkki, The Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art
Finnish Painters´ Union
Karkkila Artists´ Association
Muu Arists´ Association


2017 AVEK(The Promotion centre for Audiovisual Culture)

2016 Frame
2016 The Arts Promotion Centre Finland, ½ year Grant
2015 The Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Recidency Grant
2015 Oskar Öflund Foundation
2015 The Arts Promotion Centre Finland,Public Display Grant
2014 The Arts Council of Finland
2013 Kordelin Foundation
2013 The Arts Council of Finland
2012 FRAME (Immonen Siirtola)
2012 The Finnish Cultural Foundation
2012 Arts Council of Finland, 1-year grant
2011 Cultural Foundation of Kainuu
2011 AVEK (The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture)
2010 Arts Council of Finland
2010 Arts Council of Finland
2010 Arts Council of Uusimaa
2009 Kordelinin Foundation
2008 FRAME (Finnish Fund for Art Exchange)
2008 Arts Council of Finland
2007 AVEK
2007 Arts Council of Finland
2007 The Finnish Cultural Foundation 1/2 year grant
2006 Kordelinin Foundation
2005 Hyvinkää City
2005 The Finnish Cultural Foundation 1/2 year grant
2004 Arts Council of Finland
2003 Arts Council of Finland
2002 Arts Council of Finland
2000 Helsinki City Foundation
1998 The Finnish Cultural Foundation
1997 Helsinki City Foundation
1997 The Finnish Cultural Foundation
1997 Avek (The Promotion centre for Audiovisual Culture)
1996 Arts Council of Uusimaa
1995 Paulo Foundation
1994 Kordelinin Foundation
1994 Arts Council of Finland
1991 Anita Snellman stipend, The Academy of Fine Arts.

Installation: objects from burned house, photographs, two channel video: Five episods about what happened, 13 ́45min 2013,  Dust, 2´00min 2012

One can be obsessed with loss – or letting go, looking forward to life. The loss can be a chance, a beginnig of the new!

The work deals with personal loss, sorrow and process of getting over it. It based on dialog with my friend Elina, whose home destroyed in fire. She asked me to documentate what happened to her. Five video episods tell about whole process from the beginning till reconstruction of the new home. Also Elina made her own interpretation about what has happened under the title `Love` that was dedicated to her mother. New Beginning


Satakielen laulupuu/ The Singing Tree of Nightingale
emanel, needlework, 2500 X 3000 cm

1. Satakielen laulupuu kopio copy

Together with the children of Kindergarten Nightingale, Helsinki.
Päiväkoti Satakielen lasten kanssa yhteistyössä toteutettu tilateos, Helsinki.